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Spotify copying Podfavs?

Spotify enables users to rate podcasts


The subscription music application announced that it seeks for its users to find the right podcast according to their tastes and ratings in an easier and faster way, since Spotify has around 3.2 million podcasts.


So, in order to help people in that search, the company began to implement podcast ratings.


The rating system will be by stars and seeks to improve the visibility of podcasts due to their popularity and the support they receive from users, as well as to create feedback between the creators and their audience.


After listening to a chapter or program, users will have the possibility to assign it a rating of 1 to 5 stars, which is added to the general average that is publicly shown through the podcast’s profile on Spotify. In addition, you will be able to see the total number of evaluations that it has received, so not only the impact will be measured, but also its scope.

With these qualifications it is sought to consolidate a filter so that users choose new podcasts based on the experience of other users, which provides the opportunity to generate a first approach.

The new star rating function will begin to be available on all platforms and in all countries where Spotify has its service, in addition, this new tool is complemented by ‘Podcast Charts’, graphic templates with more information about podcasts and personalized recommendations created by the platform’s algorithm, which together give users more chances to find their next content.

The new function is a tool that also seeks to be an aid for creators, since they will be able to know how the podcast has performed and use the data as a motivator for producers to request more specific comments through the ‘Questions and Answers’ function which was implemented a few months ago, and works as a questionnaire with multiple-choice responses; however, the option of posting open-ended questions is also available.

Users will be able to see the questions at the bottom of the episode page and after answering, listeners will also have the ability to see how the rest of the audience voted.

The above option is available in the Spotify mobile apps (iOS and Android).


As for open questions, people’s responses will be delivered privately to the creator of the podcast; however, they will have the ability to share responses publicly.

“We believe that the future of podcasting is interactive. For too long, podcasting has been hampered by one-way technology and a lack of format innovation, ”the company explained in a statement.

Spotify launched other options this year such as the possibility for users to subscribe to a specific podcast in order to financially support its creators, this function is not yet enabled for all producers but is expected to be in the future.


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